Taking care of the outdoors is just as important as enjoying them. Our business model and values support a way of doing business that keeps our footprint down, promotes other businesses that are environmentally conscious, and inspires conservation in our community.

Our business does not have a physical location, so we are conserving the amount of energy it takes to operate a store. Imagine how many resources are wasted by big box locations every day, especially during weekday 9-5 hours when foot traffic is low. 

The packaging we use to deliver your orders and for raw pick ups is made from recycled materials, and we stay away from plastics as much as possible. When you order from us we strive to keep packaging waste low and help keep you from drowning in a barrage delivery boxes.

We buy from companies that promote sustainable family farms by offering organic, non-GMO, certified humane raw food for pets. We look for vendors that reuse materials, process minimally, and give back to the community.

We like what our vendors are doing-

Answers Pet Food:

Steve’s Real Food:

Grandma Lucy’s:



Planet Dog:



Diggin your dog:

Boxie cat:

Earth Rated:

By purchasing from Brown Bear, you are supporting a mindful local business, sending a message to big box locations/ wasteful online delivery, and giving yourself more time to spend living life with your adventure pet.