About Us

Ooh BEAR!!! We were greeted with this exclamation quite a bit from overseas travelers visiting state parks. Our dog Tulip is always with us on hikes, and to people not familiar with North American wildlife, she looks like a little brown bear. It is this trail name that we chose for our company.

Established in 2018, Brown Bear blends two things we love most: the outdoors & dogs. After working for 7 years in animal nutrition and spending life on the road training retailers, I set out to create a company that both educates and inspires. The goal of Brown Bear is to make caring for our pups easy and allow more time for you to spend outside with your dog. There are so many foods, treats, and gear options marketed to us daily that it becomes daunting to choose what is the right option for an individual dog’s need.

We make leashes. We make treats. We test and help fit dogs for high quality gear. We suggest foods that will help your dog in their individual life stage, activity level, and nutrition needs. We suggest toys that have a purpose.

You will not find every food, toy, leash, or treat on the market here; but by golly we have tested and stand by the products we recommend.

Get out there and give them their best life. #WOOFOUTSIDE

About the Owner

Jessica Morton, PAS is a Carolina grown Clemson grad that has spent the last seven years in the animal nutrition industry. She has trained east coast retail stores on nutrition, spoken at industry training seminars, and recommended diets for mid-Atlantic farms. Jessica holds her Professional Animal Science (PAS) certification and speaks at continuing education events.