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Mud Monsters
Mud Monsters Mud Monsters Mud Monsters Mud Monsters Mud Monsters Mud Monsters
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Mud Monsters

Place front paw on a blank paper, standing with full weight. Make one mark at the "heel" by aligning your pen straight down the back of the leg, and one mark at the longest toe nail. Measure the distance between the two markings.

For Mud Monsters and Snow Mushers only - size the front paw and choose one size smaller for the back paws.

Inches SIZE Centimeters
2½ and under 1 (XXS-XS)
Jack Russel
6.35 and under
2½ - 2¾ 2 (XS)
6.35 - 7
2¾ - 3 (3 XS-S)
Boston Terrier
7 - 7.6
3 - 3¼ 4 (S)
8.25 - 8.9
3¼ - 3½ 5 (S-M)
8.25 - 8.9
3½ - 3¾ 6 (M)
Labrador Retriever
8.9 - 9.5
3¾ - 4 7 (M-L)
Rhodesian Ridge Back
9.5 - 10.2
4 - 4¼ 8 (L)
German Shepherd, Golden Retriever
10.2 - 10.8
Regular price $45.00

Why we like them:

These boots are the only boots we carry for a good reason. They have the best track record of staying on when fitted properly, and are made to last. How to measure these boots is different than other brands and I highly recommend having us fit your dog personally. We suggest these for hot pavement, rocky terrain, and canicross. They have a flexible sole, are breathable, and uniquely designed to let water flow through them.

From the Manufacturer:

Barefoot technology that’s pawsitively comfortable. Mud Monsters are a unique combination of quality, comfort and durability for your dog.