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Ursa Leash

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Why we like them:

Handmade by Brown Bear in Greenville, SC with a perfected design to make this the ultimate multi-use leash.


Locking carabiners for a safe secure tether on both ends. Also making it capable of walking two dogs at once.

Airline grade aluminum ring lets you choose your length and tether anywhere or anyway you like. This ring is not welded and boasts a 14kN strength. If not in use it sits on the figure 8 knot handle.

Pressed with 12 tons of pressure in our custom die at the attachment point, providing strength you can count on.

Supported by a stainless steel thimble to keep the rope from compromising over time and use. 

Made with professional grade climbing rope to tie, clip, and hold on to your adventure buddy. 


1) Standard- Longer than average leash, 7 feet.

2) Double leash- Tie a slip knot in the middle of the leash to make a double leash.

3) Cross body- Tie the ring where you want it to make a loop you can clip across your body. The ring saves your place making a perfect fit every time. 

4) Running leash- Tie the ring to fit your waist and have an easy clip on and off leash for running with you bestie.

5) Tether- Clip the handle carabiner to the ring for a secure tether around a sturdy object. For keeping your pup close whether you're on a patio or at a campfire. 

6) Slip lead- Clip the carabiner around the rope for an emergency slip lead.

Our leashes are made with professional grade climbing rope, rugged hardware, and a sturdy locking carabiner to keep your pup safe out on the trail or on a walk. 

*Always lock the screw gate carabiner by twisting it closed*

**leash and carabiners are not for climbing use**