Life Jackets for dogs

Life Jackets for dogs

Dog life jackets are a key part of keeping your adventure buddy safe while boating, kayaking, canoeing, or simply going for a swim. We like putting our pup in a life jacket to help her feel more secure in the water, add bright color for visibility, and for hauling her back onto the boat or up a steep bank. 

Enjoying the outdoors in the summer usually involves water and for good reason! Temperatures in the upstate can soar into the 100s pretty quick, and a dip at one of the many lakes in our area is a fantastic way to cool you off and your pup. The picture of Tulip here was taken while testing out our Surf and Turf life jacket at Lake Jocassee. 

After testing out a few brands, I decided to carry the Kurgo Surf and Turf life jacket for the reasons below:

  • TWO handles to help pull your pup from the water
  • A well designed fit that forms to the dogs body in a sleek way
  • A chest strap that does not cut off the windpipe, so it is easier to breathe
  • D-ring to attach a leash and use like a harness (keep your pup safe while on the boat or walking to the shoreline) 
  • Supports the weight of larger dogs like a champ (we have seen this tested on a Newfoundland)
  • Drys VERY quick
  • The flotation device can be removed to make this into a light water resistant jacket, for use year round.

Swimming is wonderful exercise and can be a fun way to let your dog of any age use their muscles in a safe way. Hydro therapy is used in both humans and animals to help build muscle tissue and recover from atrophy. Adding a life jacket gives the pup support they need and keeps them safe from over exertion and drowning.

So go enjoy the water and #woofoutside!

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