Dog Supported Agriculture (DSA)

Dog Supported Agriculture (DSA)

Farm Fresh Fast teams up with NEW local lifestyle pet store Brown Bear Barkery and Outfitter to make picking up healthy meals for you and your pet easy.

Raw pet food is now available as a Dog Supported Agriculture (DSA) meal plan for dogs and cats.

Brown Bear and Farm Fresh Fast believe that nutritionally balanced wholesome foods positively influence health. That’s why they’ve partnered up to bring you and your pet easily accessible and healthy meals. This collaboration allows the Greenville community to be a part of the sustainable farm movement for humans and their pets. If you want to have sustainable ethical food, now you can pick up those healthy meals at the same location. Coupled with the fact that both businesses pride themselves on nutritionally balanced, low-glycemic, delicious choices, and it’s a match made in heaven.

“It should not be difficult to make the right choices for your pet’s lifestyle, that’s where we come in,” said Jessica Morton, owner of Brown Bear. “From raw food to poop bags, we’ve got you covered. When you buy from us you are not only supporting a local small business, you are choosing safe sustainable products to fuel a healthy lifestyle for your pet. Brown Bear does not have a physical location, we are a local delivery-based business, so working with Jonathan and the folks at Farm Fresh Fast is a perfect way to deliver raw food safely to our customers.

Signing up is easy:

  • Visit our website
  • Pick your meals
  • Select pick-up at Farm Fresh Fast

After signup, owner Jessica Morton will contact you about your pet and make sure the right raw food has been selected. If you have questions about feeding, transitioning, and specific needs she can work with you on that too. Orders other than the raw diets are delivered to your door. Brown Bear gives you the simplicity of ordering online while still maintaining a local contact. They are making online ordering personal and taking the difficulty out of making the right choice for your pet.

Jessica Morton, PAS is a Carolina grown Clemson grad who has spent the last seven years in the animal nutrition industry. She has trained East Coast retail stores on nutrition, spoken at industry training seminars, and recommended diets for mid-Atlantic farms. Jessica holds her Professional Animal Science (PAS) certification and speaks at continuing education events. To learn more, visit and follow on Facebook/Instagram.

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